My friend suggested me to use Vudu. At first, I don't know what Vudu is all about, and then my friend discussed me about it. Vudu is a digital service that provides internet entertainment for viewers who wants to rent or own latest shows or movies instantly and can watch in tablet PC or Laptop.

I used to try Vudu for 2weeks, since I am type of a girl that can't wait a few days or weeks just to watch what I want; I have been very pleased in Vudu. With the Vudu, I have a lot of choices what I wanted to watch and it stores in a huge library. I am satisfied on how Vudu works fine and I love it so far. Well, since I am enjoying watching in Vudu, I traded it in some digital services with wireless one week ago.

Vudu offers an online ordering for your favourite movies and it is very handy because you can select your choice of movie the day it comes out and its downloaded to your Vudu box even when you're not home-how great is that! I'll have no reason to grab another digital service except this one. Vudu also has better SD picture quality that other, Vudu also has a 30 day free trial so you can enjoy watching your favourite movies.

How I loved Vudu, I want it to lasts. Well for me Vudu was the best fit for me because I just wanted something for rentals and I want also a best video quality.  This quality pushed me over the top and decided to give it a try, so far, no regrets on it! In terms of pricing, Vudu is varying by movie and video quality, unfortunately, Vudu is officially only for the US Market.  It works with the pc, PS3, and any Television or media devices.  I was able to see it works, and I got to see a movie in Vudu that I really wanted to see. If you purchase a movie in Vudu of course it is stored in your box, and if you rent a movie, it is remained in your box unwatched by 30days.

Purchasing in Vudu has quite substantial return policy so give it a try! The advantage of Vudu to other is when I get to start, it has no buffering, and you don't have to wait for the download to finish.  I am certainly going hang on it with Vudu, it also best for family bonding.